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Is The Health And Safety Of Your Family Important?

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I Know I Know,
ALL This Sounds Like A Lot Of Commitment Right? FALSE!!!
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Kaylin Schimpf (A NEW Millennial) Explains: You've Got What It Takes To Change Your Life! How To Reach Your Goals And How You Can Get What You Want In Life!  To Get More Details Call: (800) 367-8917 Our 24/7 Informational Hot Line


The Dynamic Duo   Xyngular's Health & Wellness Consultants

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        Daily Noon Day              Inspirations Posted                      Here!             " TryNot To Be A Man Of Success But A Man Of Value."                                                                  Albert Einstien





Inspirational Lyric - WAR   "I Plead The Blood"

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Billie Ozment Rolle

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GOD Whispered To Us Through Donna Hoffman, & Kim Plaine                 Xyngular Super Stars About Xyngular Which Is Changing Lives All Over The Planet! Try It For Yourself. You'll Be Glad You Did!

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*12 Years In Key Positions With Billion Dollar Company   *MBA In Finance
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Stan Townsend & Gary Johnson, Senior Executives With Xyngular Hosts A Noon Day Live Business Over View. Here You Can Learn All About Xyngular Products/Benefits & Services. You'll Also Hear Incredible Testimonies How Xyngular Has Literally Given Them Their Lives Back. Join Us Monday-Friday NOON DAY (EST) & See For Yourself Why Xyngular Is Exploding World Wide. We'll See You There>>
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I Know I Know, All This Sounds Like A Lot Of Commitment Right? FALSE!! ALL Our Products Come With A 30 Day 100% Empty Bottle Guarantee!! How Is That Risk Looking NOW?




Lets Talk Memberships. Since They Seem To Freak A Lot Of People Out! Let Me Tell You A Little About X Company Memberships You May Not Know.                                  ~Our Membership Is $20.00 A Year...Yup That's It                                                        ~That $20.00 Gives You Wholesale Pricing                                                                    ~Gives You The Ability To Earn Commissions                                                                ~Gives You An Autoship You Can Change, Cancel Or Edit At Any TIME...                    ~That Auto Gives You Points...Those Points Give You FREE Stuff                                ~NO Minimum Monthly Purchases Required                                                                  ~You Can Cancel You Account At ANY TIME                                                                ~FREE Website For You To Share Your Story                                                                ~Full Time Coaching                                                                                                        ~OH And You Get To Be On OUR AWESOME TEAM!                                                   Nuff Said....


Come Back Each Monday For NEW Xyngular You Tube Video Being Shared Weekly On Monday's On How To Improve Your Health, Energy, Nutrition, Body Transformation & Recipes For Your Health.


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I Started On The Products & In One Month I Lost 15 Pounds. I Had Lost Another 5 Pounds & Kept Losing 3-5 Pounds A Month & A Year Later I Was Down 45 Pounds! I Have Not Been This Small Since Our Son Was Born & Which I Had A C-Section He Was 11 Pounds 3 Oz.  & He Is Now 28 Years Old. I Also Quit Smoking Cold Turkey While I Was Pregnant With Him. I Blame My Weight Gain On That Also. When He Was 4 & Our Daughter Was New Born I Started Walking & Only Got Down To 20 More Pounds Than I Weigh Now, & On A Low Calorie Diet (Starvation). Then I Ended Up With A Nodule On My Thyroid & In Return The GI Dr. Said To Remove The Nodule Because It Could Become Cancer. So He Removed Half Of My Thyroid. I Have Never Been On Thyroid Replacements & My TSH Labs Are Always Right On. I Am Not Tired Or Sluggish Or Crabby When I Do The 8 Day Plan Which You Can Lose 5-15 Pounds In 8 Days. I Have More Energy Than When I Was 20 Years Old. I Just Started Zumba & I Can Keep Up & I Am In My 50's! OH! I Was Unable To Exercise While On The Products For A Year Because I Was Working 2 Or 3 Nursing Jobs & Needed To Sleep During The Day Because I Worked All Nights, & Also COLD MN, ND Weather Was A Factor. So I Am Down To 1 & 1/2 Jobs & So Now I Can Fit In 2-3 Hours Of Exercise In A Week! I Love Coaching People On This Health Plan & Helping Them Live A Longer Healthier Life Naturally. If You Don't Start Living Your Life Today Sometimes Tomorrow Never Comes. Start "Living" Longer & Taking Care Of Your Health & Your Body Because No One Else Can Do It For You. We Are Here To Help People Change Their Lives One Life At A Time Click Here For More Information.                                                                     Yours Truly, Donna Hoffman RN




The Dynamic Trio! These Three Stood For Faith, Hope, Love, Justice & Equality For All Man Kind!

Mother Teresa

Dr. Martin Luther King

Mahatma Gandhi

This Child Has A Special Mission! Pray                                                                   With Us For This Very Special Blessing                                                                GOD Sent Our Way Here On Earth!                                        



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